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Mineral-Right, Inc.: Company Overview

Mineral-Right, Inc.

Mineral-Right, Inc., was founded in 1986 by Glenn Gruett. From a custom-built facility in Phillipsburg, Kansas, the company's Crystal-Right™ zeolite is manufactured exclusively for Water-Right's water treatment systems and limited OEM distribution.

Through its unique crystalline structure, Crystal-Right provides a great degree of versatility in the removal of hardness, iron, and manganese; ammonia reduction; and pH correction– all in a single pass. In comparison to round resin beads, Crystal-Right is a heavier media that provides better filtration and faster cleaning — without the loss of media.

Mineral-Right celebrated a milestone in the 2000 when the first load of Crystal-Right was sold in Europe. Since that time, Mineral-Right has expanded its sales worldwide with specialized zeolite products.

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