Heavy Commercial Series

Water-Right's Heavy Commercial water conditioners are engineered to be highly effective in commercial applications. The HC Series equipment offers capacities between 60,000 and 600,000 grains and flow rates to 107 GPM. This series also provides excellent iron, manganese and pH correction. The HC Series solid brass controller can be expanded to multiple tank configurations for applications requiring continuous soft water or higher flow rates.
  • Teflon-coated, lead-free, solid brass piston and corrosion-resistant spacers and seals offers long-term operation with minimal maintenance
  • Tight tolerances and precision machining optimize piston performance, even in challenging environments
  • Choose from metered regeneration or time clock activation
  • Choice of fiberglass or steel media tanks. Non-corrosive fiberglass tanks are rated for 150 psi operating pressures and environments up to 120° F. Standard steel tanks are epoxy-lined and rated for 100 psi operating pressures. Steel tanks are primed and painted for a protective finish. All tanks are NSF approved.
  • Offered with three different media options capable of handling all softening needs, from the simple to the most challenging water conditions
    • Resin — a high capacity sulfonated polystyrene media capable of handling common hard water conditions.
    • Crystal-Right® CR-100 — silica crystal media highly effective in reducing hardness, iron, manganese and raising pH levels of slightly acidic water.
    • Crystal-Right® CR-200 — silica crystal media highly effective in reducing hardness, iron and manganese in a single process.
  • Crystal-Right media systems come equipped with an automated in-line chlorine generator or chemical feed pump to eliminate iron and sulfur bacteria within the media bed

Optional electronic package allows for various regeneration sequencesOptional electronic package allows for various regeneration sequences.