Testing Services

Testing ServicesYour local, authorized Water-Right dealer has the ability to offer their customers a detailed report on the quality of their water through Water-Right’s state-certified, independent water laboratory, Clean Water Testing.

Through our network of authorized distributors and dealers, Clean Water Testing offers customers several levels of water analyses to choose from. Whether it’s a basic analysis to detect the presence of non-harmful contaminants such as hardness, iron, and manganese or a broad spectrum analysis to determine the presence of various inorganics (lead, copper, arsenic, etc), coliform and E-coli bacteria, as well as a variety of volatile organic compounds (VOC) which can affect your health, your authorized Water-Right dealer can assist you in determining the quality of your water supply.

Since 1963, people like you have looked to Water-Right for their water treatment needs. So if you have questions as to the quality of your water, whether it’s utility grade, working grade or food grade, contact your local independent Water-Right professional. They have the capability and resources to handle any concerns you may have about your water.