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Water-Right has introduced many water treatment solutions over the years, but none more popular and innovative than the Sanitizer Plus®. Using an in-line chlorine generator, these systems produce free chlorine from brine to remove iron and sulfur bacteria odors from the media bed with every regeneration. Crystal-Right media helps make it all possible — unlike plastic resin, the crystalline media is impervious to chlorine and backwashes clean in less time at greater flow rates.

Chlorine Generator

While we are a company that prides itself in a variety of innovations, the chlorine generator was a game-changing development for which Water-Right® has become well-known. We’ve perfected this innovation, making our device a convenient way to keep water treatment and filtration systems clean by eliminating problematic substances like iron, manganese, and sulfur bacteria. After producing the first working version at Water-Right in the early ‘90s, we introduced the chlorine generator to the world along with our groundbreaking Sanitizer Series® in 1998. The chlorine generator is ideal for use on systems treating well water with our exclusive zeolite media, Crystal-Right™. However, it is also extremely flexible, allowing adjustments that make it beneficial for cleaning other media types in both water softeners and filters.


One of Water-Right’s most unique solutions has been the use of Crystal-Right™ media, a silica crystal that outperforms resin media for removal of hardness, iron and manganese in just a single pass. In addition, these irregular-shaped crystals effectively balance pH levels of acidic water. With the patented Crystal-Right media being produced by sister subsidiary, Mineral-Right®, the exclusive use of this unique media is proprietary only to Water-Right.

Inch Worm

Patented Inch Worm technology is an enhancement added to select backwashing filters that gently releases air when the valve advances to backwash. In systems without Inch Worm, this transition can produce unwanted noise. It is similar to a balloon filled with air. If you let go all at once, the air exits immediately and uncontrollably, sending the balloon flying noisily across the room. But, if you gently release air, just a small amount at a time, the balloon stays in control and silently deflates.

Ozone Generator

Water-Right® led the way in pioneering the chlorine generator, but we’re always looking into different options for solving water problems. That’s why we developed our own Ozone Generator.
Ozone (O3) is nothing more than three oxygen atoms bound together. Yet, it is also one of the most powerful natural sterilants on the planet. When ozone molecules come in contact with bacteria in a filtration system, the third oxygen atom attaches itself to the bacteria and continues to attack them until they are depleted. The only byproduct ozone leaves behind is pure oxygen (O2).
We developed our Ozone Generator to be easily implemented into many of Water-Right’s existing air filtration systems. The generator is powered directly from the the control valve for installation that’s as simple as plug-and-play. Just connect the kit to the back of the valve and program the board to turn it on.


Water-Right’s mission also embraces a strong educational focus. Our schools and regional dealer training are designed to strengthen our dealer expertise in solving water quality problems with the right equipment the first time. In addition, dealers have the advantage of product assistance and technical support by phone whenever the need arises.


Our corporate headquarters, located in Appleton, Wisconsin, is also home to our dedicated manufacturing operation. Water-Right supports a nationwide network of wholesalers, distributors and water treatment professionals, including a growing international dealer base. To learn more about our parent company, visit