Sanitizer® Plus Series

Sanitizer Plus®   Twin System

The ultimate whole house water purification system.

Water-Right’s twin systems are engineered to be highly effective in applications where 24-hour use is desired. The twin system is engineered to offer softening capacities between 20,000 and 120,000 grains with flow rates up to 28 GPM.

Sanitizer Plus Twin is offered with three media options capable of handling all softening needs, from the simple to the most challenging water conditions. Watch how it works!

  • Crystal-Right CR100 — an exclusive, custom engineered zeolite media that is highly effective in reducing hardness, iron, manganese and raising pH levels of slightly acidic water.
  • Crystal-Right CR200 — an exclusive, custom engineered zeolite media that is highly effective in reducing hardness, iron, and manganese in a single process.
  • Resin — a high capacity sulfonated polystyrene media capable of handling common hard water conditions.

When Sanitizer Plus twin systems are used with Crystal-Right media, this advanced system also removes iron, manganese and corrects pH. A fully adjustable control valve along with advanced controller options provides for dependable, trouble-free operation.

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