Softeners Impression® Plus Series

Impression Plus®  RC Series

The trusted whole house water purification system.

Impression Plus ® RC Series water softeners deliver the clear, soft, odor-free water you want and need. Its environmentally friendly tank design eliminates the need for two systems by combining two medias into one tank. The activated carbon removes chlorine and other unwanted tastes while the high capacity resin is used for the maximum in softening capabilities. This unit is perfect for municipal water applications.

  • Special “mid-plate” design eliminates the need for two tanks
  • Backlit LED display
  • Top tank flange for easy servicing
  • Meter monitors and self-adjusts regeneration cycles based on household trend of water consumption
  • Efficient to operate — uses less water and energy, less wear on appliances
  • Single tank design reduces pressure drops
  • Extends the life of resin media on chlorinated water
  • Advanced history, diagnostic screens, and lithium battery backup
  • Upper flange on tank for convenient access