More than 15 million households rely on well water in the US. For well water professionals, all those wells offer an attractive way to expand your business.

Just imagine if you could do regular, annual business with just a fraction of the wells you dug. Regular service and maintenance contracts provide recurring revenue for your business and help you balance out revenue dips during the off season.

One way to build that book of recurring business is to offer water treatment services. It’s a natural fit with your primary service line and can be marketed to your existing customer list.

Regular Water Testing

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recommends well owners have their water tested annually. Unfortunately, few do – largely because it’s inconvenient. No one is reminding them to test their water or showing up with a test kit.

When you offer that service, you not only grow your business – you show customers you care about their family and their health.

Well owners should check their well once a year for coliform bacteria, nitrates, total dissolved solids, and pH levels. The CDC also recommends well testing when any of the following occur:

  • There are known problems with well water in the area
  • The homeowner has experienced problems near their well (e.g., flooding, land disturbances)
  • Any part of the well system is repaired or replaced
  • There’s a noticeable change in water quality (e.g., taste, color, odor)

If you’re a well professional, you can provide proactive reminders to your customers and encourage them to get their well water tested. Some companies will even put their customers on an annual testing plan – making well testing a regular, expected part of a homeowner’s maintenance routine.

Well Water Treatment

Once you’ve identified the water problems your customers are experiencing, you can provide a system to restore that water to the appropriate health and comfort level. Common water quality issues in wells include hard water, iron, and low pH (acid water), and sulfur.

Well water can also become polluted through failed septic tanks, fertilizers, pesticides, and runoff from landfills or urban areas. Unlike hard water, iron, and sulfur problems, which are noticeable to homeowners, these contaminants usually go undetected – until someone gets sick!

Why Well Owners Like Crystal-Right

Crystal-Right systems are popular because they have the ability to treat three common well water problems at once. We can treat hardness, iron, and low pH in one system, with one footprint.

The multifunctional capability provides a distinct edge of the competition. In a situation where a competitor would need to install a water softener for hardness, a filter for iron and manganese, and an acid neutralizer to raise the pH level – all a Water-Right dealer needs to do is install a system using Crystal-Right in the media bed.

In fact, one of the biggest obstacles in selling this to homeowners is getting them to believe that one unit really can take care of all these problems. It almost seems too good to be true.

    • Crystal-Right advantage #1: Better Capacity for Iron and Manganese
      Many wells are high in iron and manganese. These minerals can give drinking water a metallic taste, stain laundry, and cause clogs and buildup in plumbing fixtures.But traditional water softener resins attract calcium best. First they attract calcium, then iron, then manganese. So in a high iron or manganese situation, the water softener has to compensate. The system needs to regenerate more often so the resin has room for those minerals.But Crystal-Right has the opposite attraction properties. First it loves manganese, then iron, then hardness. That makes Crystal-Right the better choice for water containing high concentrations of iron and manganese.
    • Crystal-Right advantage #2: Treat Low pH Without Adding Hardness
      When you have low pH water (i.e. acid water) that water is “hungry” for soft minerals. In some homes, low pH water will pull those minerals from copper or lead piping. Over time, low pH water will deteriorate pipes and fixtures, causing pinhole leaks and blue/green staining.To treat low pH, a traditional water treatment system will harden the water. Essentially, they have to make the water “worse” to make it better. But Crystal-Right works differently and will adjust pH without adding hardness to the water.
    • Crystal-Right advantage: #3: Chlorine Tolerant
      Another advantage of Crystal-Right is that these units sanitize themselves. The media bed can be cleaned using chlorine. Water-Right’s chlorine generator makes chlorine directly from the brine solution, sanitizing the media during the backwashing process of regeneration.
    • Crystal-Right advantage #4: Better Water Texture
      Crystal-Right filters and polishes differently than a water softener. Some people with water softeners complain that their water has a “silky” or “soapy” feel to it. But the chemistry behind Crystal-Right is different. Water doesn’t feel as slippery, and many people who grew up with water softeners are pleasantly surprised when they switch to Crystal-Right.
    • Crystal-Right advantage #5: Filters Out Particulates
      Many well owners need to add a filtration system in front of their water softener. That’s because water softeners aren’t designed to filter out particulates. Without filtration, those particulates can get bogged down inside the system’s tanks and vessels. Crystal-Right, on the other hand, performs filtration and softening in one.

Learn More About Crystal-Right

Crystal-Right is a man-made zeolite. Zeolite is an ion exchange resin that’s been used for water treatment for at least 2000 years. (It’s true! Researchers have discovered that the ancient Mayans used zeolite to filter microbes and heavy metals out of their water supply.)

Zeolite is a porous alkaline mineral with a negative charge. Since many metals, minerals, and microbes have a positive charge, zeolite attracts those substances like a magnet. Impurities are pulled into zeolite’s porous structure and trapped there.

Natural zeolites exist and can be mined. However these formations don’t produce a reliable product. After all, you can never be sure what Mother Nature is adding to natural zeolites. What distinguishes custom-engineered Crystal-Right from natural zeolites is that we can monitor and control the purity. Every batch of Crystal-Right resin produces the same, consistent results.

Water-Right’s sister company, Mineral-Right®, creates Crystal-Right at a special facility in Kansas. Today, we are the world’s only producer of custom-engineered zeolite for water treatment, and we export it around the world!

Well Service and Water Treatment Go Hand in Hand

Expanding into water treatment is your opportunity to provide a homeowner with quality water from the bottom of the well to the bottom of the glass. Access to Crystal-Right zeolite crystals can make it even easier to provide water treatment with a small footprint your customers will truly appreciate.