Are your clothes yellowing or graying? Towels feeling stiff? Or are your showerheads clogging? If so, chances are you’re experiencing the effects of hard water. Over time, the consequences can get worse, taking a toll on the pipes, fixtures, and appliances in your home. For instance, homes with hard water can anticipate up to a 30% shorter lifespan on appliances such as dishwashers than homes with soft water. Additionally, water heaters using hard water could require heating element maintenance and typically aren’t as efficient as systems using soft water.

The solution to these issues and many others is to install a water softener, but there is a lot to consider before taking action. Understanding the best system for your home’s needs, what’s required for ongoing maintenance, and the overall costs are all considerations that will need to be weighed, particularly if you’re trying to decide between buying or renting a water softener.

The True Costs for Water Softener Renters

The idea of renting a water softener might not have crossed your mind, but many local water treatment dealers offer this option as an alternative to the upfront cost that purchasing a system brings. This plan appeals to people who aren’t going to be living in their owned or rented home for an extended period of time. With renting, maintenance or repair fees are usually covered in the monthly payment. As a short-term solution, renting can be a good worry-free option.

Water softener renters may have to commit to a contract term (ex. 12-months) so you need to be comfortable with the on-going fixed cost. Plus, a rented system will likely not be a brand new model that includes the latest technology but is still certainly capable of providing your home with the quality water it needs to operate efficiently. Depending how old the system is, it might need repairs and maintenance during the time of rental. Although these costs are generally covered in a rental fee, renters may be inconvenienced with scheduling repairs with their servicing dealer.

Renters may also be challenged with obtaining permission to install a system in the home they rent since a water softener will fundamentally change the plumbing system of the home. If there’s a hard water issue in a rental property, tenants should first talk to their landlord about buying and installing a quality water softener but chances are they will love the idea due to the benefits it provides the property long-term. Property owners will find they aren’t replacing appliances like dishwashers and water heaters as often when they have a water softener, while you will get to enjoy silkier skin and hair.

The True Costs for Water Softener Buyer

Purchasing a new water softener has several benefits, many of which result in cost savings. A new unit is going to run more efficiently, which will have a lower cost impact on the buyer’s energy bill.

Owning a water softener can actually reduce costs throughout your home which means, over time, it could pay for itself. For example, dishwashers require up to 70% less soap, and washing machines need up to 50% less detergent when cleaning with soft water. Since the average American household spends over $500 on cleaning supplies per year, buying and installing a new water softener would save money.

Although the cost of buying a new water softener is an expense upfront, once paid, that expense is settled. Buyers can also expect fewer maintenance issues with a new unit.

Want the latest technology but still not sure if you can afford the initial investment? Ask your local water treatment expert about financing options. Many professional businesses will offer a payment plan to help you spread out the cost over time, making you the proud new owner of a water softener without breaking the bank. You can even use the money you’re saving in your home to make your next payment!

The Better Decision in the End: Buying a Water Softener

Ultimately, a water softener solves many of the challenges hard water can cause in your home. Over time, it saves you money on appliances, home maintenance, clothing, detergents and soaps, making it a smart investment that may end up paying for itself over time. Purchasing and installing a water softener adds value to your house even if it’s not your forever home. Additionally, owning a water softener offers you the freedom to choose a system that works for your specific water problems and allows you to take advantage of additional features that make life easier.

Rely on a Water Treatment Expert

An expert from Water-Right’s family of water treatment professionals can create a custom solution based on your unique water needs which often vary depending on if you have city water or well waterand what region of the country you live in. With their help, you can ensure the system is installed properly and that your water is being treated adequately. Adding a service plan is additional assurance you are maximizing its performance throughout the life span of your system.


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